One Room Challenge – Week Three

Welcome back friends!

Wow. I just spent some time peeking at the week three progress of many ORC participants and I am just in love with the transformations I am watching unfold. And feeling a little bit like an underachiever. Maybe I should’ve taken on the entire dining/living room?

Not too much to share this week other than my rug arrived and everything I ordered has been delivered to a warehouse across the border, which gives me the perfect excuse to also hit Target. Ordering online does not sit well with my control freak/perfectionist personality but I am so, so happy with the rug I ordered from Wayfair. It’s the teeniest too big for the space, but that’s a room size issue, not a rug size one.

I’m still waffling on the paint colour and whether to swap the chairs for new ones. I’ll have that decided before next week’s post. I think.

Until then, you have to see what everyone else is up to for the One Room Challenge is up to this week, take a gander at the 20 featured ORC designers and other guest participants.


One Room Challenge – Week Two

Hello, friends!

I promised better before photos last week and an actual design plan. As you’ll see, the before is pretty bare. And the after? Well that’s going to be my new favourite room in the house.

My dining room is open to the living room (that couch is going as soon as my little boys start coming home less muddy) and kitchen. The white (once black) sideboard came from my last house and I have honestly never loved it. The scale is so wrong and it’s dwarfed by the long wall and high ceiling. Although I painted the chairs my favourite colour, they may be going too—more on that later. The IKEA Ingatorp table is staying though. It is the right size for the small room and expands to seat six when needed.

Another problem I have with the space is the creamy-white wall colour. I’ve learned to love neutral walls since moving here but these either need to be whiter or painted a very pale shade of something that doesn’t look dirty in every instagram photo.

The dining room windows are huge, which I love, but they lack privacy. That’s going to change. Can we talk about the chandelier for a minute? The height kills me. It’s a full four feet above the table. The new fixture will be a lot lower and on a dimmer switch. We had to remove bulbs from this bad boy because it felt like an interrogation room every time we turned it on.

Here’s another view into the kitchen. That mirror was never meant to stay so it’ll be replaced by something much more functional.

And now for the pretty. If I had to give this design plan a name, I’d call it Seaside Vintage. It will be a space infused with pale beachy pastel colour, soft textures and brass and gold finishes. Two unknowns at this point: the wall colour and the chairs. If I do paint the room, it will be in the palest sea glass shade of blue. Or a whiter white. Thoughts? If I swap out the chairs, it will be for vintage-style rattan ones painted in mint because it’s just the happiest colour. The grey linen-like fabric will be used for window treatments, thanks to my talented designer gal pal Hollie Cooper.


If you’re like me and you can’t wait to see what everyone else in the One Room Challenge is up to this week, take a peek at the 20 featured ORC designers and other guest participants.