One Room Challenge – The Reveal!

Hello, friends!

Did you see all of the reveals of the 20 official ORC participants yesterday? The work that went into those spaces in six weeks? Insane and inspiring. If you haven’t had a chance yet, take a moment and scroll through the pretty.

Today, the rest of us (over 200) are sharing our reveals. I debated posting the dining room because it is not 100% done quite yet. Still can’t find chairs that I love enough to replace these ones. But what the hell, here it is. No professional shots images yet either…I will be shooting a TV segment of the reveal so I will book that on the same day. I’d like a pic or two of me in the space and my post-workout look is just not suitable for public consumption. I freaking love how it turned out and I hope you do too! Huge thank you to Calling it Home and House Beautiful for hosting.

A reminder of the before:

So here is the thing: I clearly have a deep love for a certain colour. But. I knew there was waaaay too much of it happening in that room and not much of anything else. Here’s the other thing: if I could not have the space the way I wanted, the colours at least made me happy. Finally though, I had the time to create a room I love—quite possibly the first room ever that truly reflects my style (other than my son’s room in our old house that I was lucky enough to design years ago for a magazine feature).

So here it is, our seaside vintage dining room. Sorry for the grainy images. Going to try and get better ones later today when I finish doing a bit of work.

The first slice of pretty that went into the space were the soft grey drapery panels with fabric from Tonic Living made by the crazy talented Hollie Cooper. I could not possibly love them more. I picked up accessories from one of my favourites, Homesense. The two large vases and marble planter are treasures found there. The gorgeous florals in the room, including the faux spring blossoms are from my absolute favourite flower shop, Fiori. Click the links below to see where I sourced the rest of the pretty.



One Room Challenge – Week Five

Shhhh….I may have skipped last week’s One Room Challenge post, but that’s for two reasons: I had a shoot that day and nothing to update you with. So I kind of look at that as doing us all a favour.

But today? Today, the dining room is actually looking pretty damn fantastic.

I made a little trip across the border last weekend and picked up the bar cart, mirror, light fixture and popped in to Target. Gawd I love that place. Truly, madly, deeply love the hell out of it. And! After a bit of a mishap, the dresser arrived in all it’s prettiness yesterday. Combined with the drapes made by my super talented friend, Hollie, it’s all actually coming together.

My still-left-to-do list includes

  • hanging the light
  • hanging the mirror
  • finding dinnerware to mix in with the goodness I already found
  • sourcing decor for the dresser
  • buying more booze for the bar cart
  • painting the chairs
  • maybe painting the walls
  • something else I am sure I forgot

Let’s talk walls for a moment. If you knew me at all, you’d know that colour makes me happy. I am the only one dressed in full-on colour when everyone else is all-black. My walls in my old house were the same. Colour everywhere. Colour makes me happy. I fully expected to paint each room in our new home, but the white walls won my heart. They make the home feel so bright and fresh. I picked out a gorgeous colour for the dining room walls but I just can’t seem to do it. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see whether the white stays or goes.

Are you as excited as I am to see the reveals of the spaces designed by the 20 featured ORC designers and other guest participants next week?