One Room Challenge – Week Three

Welcome back friends!

Wow. I just spent some time peeking at the week three progress of many ORC participants and I am just in love with the transformations I am watching unfold. And feeling a little bit like an underachiever. Maybe I should’ve taken on the entire dining/living room?

Not too much to share this week other than my rug arrived and everything I ordered has been delivered to a warehouse across the border, which gives me the perfect excuse to also hit Target. Ordering online does not sit well with my control freak/perfectionist personality but I am so, so happy with the rug I ordered from Wayfair. It’s the teeniest too big for the space, but that’s a room size issue, not a rug size one.

I’m still waffling on the paint colour and whether to swap the chairs for new ones. I’ll have that decided before next week’s post. I think.

Until then, you have to see what everyone else is up to for the One Room Challenge is up to this week, take a gander at the 20 featured ORC designers and other guest participants.



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