One Room Challenge – Week Five

Shhhh….I may have skipped last week’s One Room Challenge post, but that’s for two reasons: I had a shoot that day and nothing to update you with. So I kind of look at that as doing us all a favour.

But today? Today, the dining room is actually looking pretty damn fantastic.

I made a little trip across the border last weekend and picked up the bar cart, mirror, light fixture and popped in to Target. Gawd I love that place. Truly, madly, deeply love the hell out of it. And! After a bit of a mishap, the dresser arrived in all it’s prettiness yesterday. Combined with the drapes made by my super talented friend, Hollie, it’s all actually coming together.

My still-left-to-do list includes

  • hanging the light
  • hanging the mirror
  • finding dinnerware to mix in with the goodness I already found
  • sourcing decor for the dresser
  • buying more booze for the bar cart
  • painting the chairs
  • maybe painting the walls
  • something else I am sure I forgot

Let’s talk walls for a moment. If you knew me at all, you’d know that colour makes me happy. I am the only one dressed in full-on colour when everyone else is all-black. My walls in my old house were the same. Colour everywhere. Colour makes me happy. I fully expected to paint each room in our new home, but the white walls won my heart. They make the home feel so bright and fresh. I picked out a gorgeous colour for the dining room walls but I just can’t seem to do it. I guess we’ll all have to wait and see whether the white stays or goes.

Are you as excited as I am to see the reveals of the spaces designed by the 20 featured ORC designers and other guest participants next week?



  • all looking so good together Sarah and love your bar cart too! I will have to make the call at the shoot if i can fit my bar cart in or have to leave it out … just so many decisions to make right?

    good luck with hanging that mirror but it will be gorgeous and reflecting that fantastic bar cart wall!

  • That dresser is beautiful! I miss Target. 😞

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